"Apparition in situ," 2012

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Neon Glass Exhibition

Here is a few pictures of the neon exhibition I had the pleasure to participate in last month. It took place at the location of the Moving Neon Workshop I took part this summer, Neonworkshops in Wakefield UK. My piece is made of four neon sections that were moving in the sequence of two by two. I am also attaching the Tumbler page describing the exhibition.


Wednesday 20 November 2013

Project Update

I am working on three separate new pieces at the same time and I am finding it very exciting. I thought though that it would be interesting to post some progress pictures of  my swimming bird project. I have been working on this piece in particular on and off for a while and I am at the finishing stage. I now am making sure the glass fits nicely with the soapstone and I still have to polish the glass. I plan to make a complementary piece to this one and display them together.

Tuesday 8 October 2013


I have been for a long time interested in animating my quite static work with light, then creating an atmosphere for some of my pieces. this lead me to an interest in neon. I had the great opportunity to participate in a Neon workshop this last September. Richard William Wheater is the creator of Neon Workshops which took place in Wakefield, West Yorkshire England. This specific workshop focused on animation of and kinetic movement with neon light. I had the opportunity to practic and learn to make a piece of my own. It was great to work alone fellow neon enthusiast and I had the pleasure meet Jeff Friedman from Let There Be Neon in New York. I am now back home stimulated by the great potentials of this medium. Here is a selection of pictures demonstrating my experience!


Wednesday 17 July 2013

This bird will swim...

This blog has been neglected in the last few months, but a lot is in the works! I have been having a website made, by the company Imajery from Montreal. I have also been working on several projects combining stone and glass. Here are a few images of drawings and stone carving that show my process for one well-documented project that will represent a bird swimming. The carving is almost done, and I will then start working on combining and fitting it with glass in order to complete this piece.

Friday 12 April 2013

"The Melt Down"

If you find yourself in Calgary in May, come and see this exhibition of kiln glass "The Melt Down" at the Motion Gallery. I will be having four pieces on display, and three of them will be for sale. There will be an opening reception on may the 2nd from 6 to 9pm.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

New pictures

I recently had done some professional pictures of my work and will show you a selection. This was long overdue and it is satisfying to have them to show! I have been busy this last month working on my professional development and am pleased to announce that I will soon have a web site of my own, created and designed by the Montreal web Design company Imajery. This will add to my promotion and presence online and I will be having from there, a link to this blog.



Wednesday 13 March 2013

"The Last Glass Show" on tour

I would like to announce that "The Last Glass Show", the curated exhibition I was recently part of in Toronto, was a success and will now travel to another location, the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo. There will be an opening reception on Thursday March the 28 and the exhibition will go on until June the 16. If you find yourself in the area please come and take a look.

Monday 18 February 2013

Imprint: Casting in Glass

I am pleased to write that I have been selected to participate in an international online exhibition "Imprint: Casting in Glass, organised by the Contemporary Glass Society in England of which I am now a member. I chose to submit my Gaffer Glass cast piece entitled "Transition", as it represents well my artistic concepts.

 I am working on finishing up a few new pieces that I will soon have professionally photographed and of course displayed on this blog! 

Here is the link to the exhibition:

Saturday 2 February 2013

Mice, mice and more mice!

It is about time to inform you of my new creative endeavour! In this new year, I am thinking bigger and am working on a composition of about 30 glass mice that will be part of an installation. I have an idea of having my glass pieces interact with each other. Making these cast glass mice is a slow process as usual. I have about 6 sleeping positions that I have modelled and cast in wax, and I then apply the texture to make them all unique. Once this is done I make plaster silica moulds of them, steam out the wax, clean them, and then they are ready to be cast in glass. At the moment I have a bit more than half done and am expecting to have them all cast by the end of next week. I will then coldwork and polish them to make them look presentable. I am still working on the display of this part of the installation but I am thinking of placing them as if they had fallen asleep warming each other around a camp fire... There is much more work to do, but I will be keeping you informed.